Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting rid of Google from news posts

I just noticed that google was very prominent in the news bar at the left. However the articles weren't very relevent to data mining, text analytics, unstructured data analytics or robotics. So I tried to add "-google" to the list. Guess what - no joy. Then I changed the query to the company I work for "digital reasoning systems" and guess what, Google comes up! Then I tried "Kiva Systems" and they come up again. Put in robotics and they go away. Put in an excluder for any term in the headline of one of the returned results and it goes away. Google is cheating on their own system to make it so you can't exlude news about their company even thought it is irrelevent! They also have decided to associate themselves with two unrealated companies. I don't know but it smells dishonest to me. Maybe someone can explain to me why these searches come up with Goodle so prominantly.

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Lori K. said...

Perhaps it is there scoring algorithm?