Thursday, July 10, 2008

Measurement in NLP Development

From the blog post at Digital Reasoning Systems.

I blogged about a cooperative effort between development and QoA that I participated in at my day job at Digital Reasoning. I bring it up here on this blog because it is related to NLP in that an NLP system was developed with the standard measure used to gauge it's success.

In talking to Dr. Kaufman (my co-author on this blog) about it she said that there is a name for that kind of development called The Spiral Design Process. If you have not already visited the DRS blog you should check it out. It is gaining steam with several authors contributing to it. I get to work with some really interesting people so it is nice to see my articles up with theirs.

I think one of the most important lessons is that you should measure early and often. Back in New England as a kid my grandfather was a general contractor. Occasionally he would hire me during the summer in High School to help do finishing work on homes he was building or renovating. He had two pieces of advice for me. One of them was "measure twice, cut once."

Oh and the other was hold the hammer by the lower part of the handle for $5 an hour or up near the head for $0.50 an hour wage.

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