Sunday, June 22, 2008

Educate thy self

Since I've been working in this field for only three years I've had the need to educated myself about my own language. While knowing what a past participle is in real life won't improve your ability to speak or communicate it is important to know what it is when you are trying to teach a comptuer to find important relationships in unstructured documents.

So here are some useful websites that I enjoy and have used to educate myself and as reference:

  • Dr. Grammar - a very useful site for improving your understanding of grammar.
  • Online Writing Support - Towson University's great resource
  • ESL in Canada - generally any ESL sites are fantastic for adults looking to reducate themselves in English and this one is one of my favorites
  • Part of Speech Tagging - yeah, gotta have at least one Wikipedia entry. This one is worth going over though!
  • UPenn Treebank - you are not involved in part of speech tagging and text analytics if you are not familiar with this project. Seriously.
  • Text Analytics Wiki - this is a new one to my collection. It has promise. Give it a look!
  • Visuwords - Using the Princeton Wordnet database this is a very visual dictionary/thesaurus. Very useful
  • LIWC - an interesting peice of software that I am looking at now. Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) is a text analysis software. LIWC is able to calculate the degree to which people use different categories of words across a wide array of texts.

Well that should get you started. Later on I'll start a blog roll of blogs I think are worthy of merit.

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